Legends of Amarna
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Summer, Year 1

As the mild spring fades into summer, it is realized that a drought is beginning. Rather than watering the grass, the sky is a solid blue. Beautiful, but hot. Showers become less and less frequent through the months, and a foreboding is felt in the air. While wetter climates still experience showers, it is not quite enough to keep the grass green and the foliage lush. Smaller creeks shrink to a trickle, and large rivers become narrower. While things aren't completely dry, fires become more frequent, and the dessert becomes a wasteland. Hopefully times will begin looking up, but as the summer wears on, promise of a respite dwindles.
Open Sand In All The Wrong Places
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Vithmiris Alucard Eberwolf
This is your time to pay, this is your judgment day.
We made a sacrifice and now we get to take your life.

Somewhere in Vith's mind, he imagines Baskerville in a very cartoonish manner sneezing just as the lion is, and repeatedly smacking his head. It certainly makes for an amused chuckle to resonate through his vocals, although, the damned hound himself refuses to acknowledge the mental image.

"Pft, I've had centuries to drown them out, sweetheart." He grins at her as she toys with his hanging forelock, eyes flashing with mischief and no small amount of lust, but then her attention leaves him as it's drawn back to the lion, who now seems to be set on getting as far away from them as possible.

He scrunches his nose a little in annoyance as Illudra moves away once again, having been enjoying having something to lean on so he didn't have to focus on the sand he was surrounded by, but seems to find at least a little more amusement in the lion as he seems to struggle in the loose granules; he's not the only one! It is funnier seeing it happen to someone else, that's for sure.

"No point in lying to it, Illudra... Besides, it's more fun to go into detail..." Vithmiris gives a partially maniacal laugh from his post atop the dune, not daring to move from it whilst within the lion's sight, "Like, what type of cloth you'll make him wear, what tricks you'll make him do; how much you like your feet licked...."

He erupts with laughter at the final few words, hair blowing in the slight breeze to reveal the completely wild and demonic expression that is plastered across his features; if there was a face to describe the deepest, darkest pits of the netherworld, it was that one. It is pure amusement mixed with unbridled cruelty, and he gives a large open-mouth toothy grin at his present company.

'Shit, dude, I think you need to take some shrooms or something, you are all over the place today!'

We shoot without a gun, we'll take on anyone.
It's really nothing new, it's just a thing we like to do.
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