Legends ofAmarna

The hourglass drips on and on, and over time history fades.

What is truth to a king? A tyrant? A god?

And you? What do you value most?

Once upon a time, the land of Aspasia prospered under the peaceful rule of a grand council. Now it's kingdoms lay shattered, its people divided, and its most ancient civilization forgotten. After a thousand years of struggle and the recent opening of ancient portals, long considered obsolete, the world is changing, and its inhabitants struggling. Each choice, each decision, now more important than ever. And you? Which side will you choose?

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Spring Feast



Spring Feast

Loud music and delicious scents fill the air. Before you is a large canopied tent with many many people working hurriedly within. These people are cooking and cleaning, keeping the food and the drink stocked for each person, newly arrived - or back for seconds.

Spread out on the many tables, is a huge variety of food. Everything from roasted lamb to delicate desserts covered in strawberries. At the far end of the tent are the drinks. Again, the variety is impressive and has everything from rich red wines, malt beers, and delicious punch for the kiddos.


There are very few rules for the main Spring Feast thread, however, please do not double post with the same character and be kind and respectful to everyone participating in this thread.

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played by ImogenCrusader

Empress of Homeless



It wasn't often that Cinders came to town, in fact she rather prided herself on the fact that despite being so young she was more or less independent, but the child wasn't dumb and when opportunity knocks she could hardly not open the door! The spring festival was a fun time, there was a lot of excitement going on and no one paid much mind to one extra child running about, which meant she could walk about without question. The advantage wasn't just the lack of questions however, because festivals like these usually had more food than could be eaten and a lot of it was long-lasting, a perfect chance to get a surplus of food at no cost to herself. Less time spent hunting was good, it freed up her time for training, because while most children were playing she had a greater mission to attend to.

Revenge on the people who took her parents.

But today was a free day, a day she could walk among society without everyone asking why she had no guardian, and so she was taking full advantage with numerous casual trips to the feasting table where she would fill her plate high with food....and then the second she deemed herself to not be under scrutiny any longer she casually deposited it into her bag to be saved for the days and weeks after where food wouldn't be near so plenty. She was also still sulking over her failed attempt to join the jousting tournament, because that would have been the perfect chance to hone her skills, because for as independent as she was people still put such a big emphasis on being grown up before learning how to fight. It was infuriating, because she might actively be hunted down by those who killed her parents, but because she was a child no one would help her learn how to defend herself.

Whatever, it didn't matter, for now there was food to gather. The more she could secure her needs, the less time she would need to spend tending to them, and the more time she could devote to learning how to defend herself.....and eventually how to fight back. So she kept the look of an excited child on her face, did her best to fly beneath the radar of any watchful adult, and kept her eye on the real prize no matter how infuriating things currently were.

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played by AshFisher



Andrew Cross

Andrew skirted the edges of the feast at first, taking in the people gathered, and looking for any opening at the table where there wouldn't be many eye witnesses. At last he saw his chance and went to the spread of food as naturally as he could manage without being noticed. Then he grabbed some bread and stuffed it into his pocket. Sure he knew the feast was free game, but he didn't know when he would get a chance to eat again. Also, he had no clue if the money he came here with would actually be accepted by the people who lived here.

It was possible they traded, but he had no access to things to trade yet. So stealing it was, until he figured out how things worked around here. He glanced around before snatching some meat, this he actually gobbled down on the spot, not even bothering with a plate. Andrew was just too hungry to even consider applying any sort of manners. Licking his fingers, he looked around again and spotted a kid. He apparently looked that way just in time to see the child dump a full plate of food into a bag.

A bag! Now that was smart. Andrew moved, grabbing another morsel to eat as he did and he wondered if he could find a bag just laying about somewhere. Or maybe he could make a deal with this kid. Steal food together, and split it at the end? Of course, he would likely make sure that he took less then what the kid got. After a moment of thought he shook his head and slipped something else into a pocket. No, he couldn't ask a kid for help, though he did want to help them somehow. Looking for that specific kid again, he realized they were likely trying not to be noticed. Well then, if he needed to, he could provide a distraction. He was good at those.

Smiling to himself he snatched something else and it too was pushed into a pocket. Andrew knew he wouldn't get much food in this manner, so he also kept his eye out for any bag that he could also take without too much fuss.

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played by Sephora

Draft Horse




Now, this... this was his kind of party. Food and drinks piled high and boisterous laughter coming from somewhere just outside the tent. It had been a while since Ke'Anu had stumbled upon an event this fruitful. He loved that people outside of his dreaded homelands always had something to celebrate. It seemed this time, they were celebrating the coming of Spring, he summized based on the colorful decorations. He was all for it, dressed in his finest thwob, draped in brightly colored scarves and matching keffiyeh. He looked like a festival all on his own, his lovely dark features in contrast to his clothes, eyes bright and filled with joy. He would soon be the life of the party if his record was any indication of what was to come. He LIVED for these moments, the fresh food, the endless alcohol, women everywhere, children running around unattended. There was so much life here and he loved it.

Making his way first to the food, he nearly tripped over a small girl stuffing morsels into a bag. Startled, he looked down at her for a moment before grabbing a roll and handing it to her with his free hand moving to his mouth, finger up as if to say "shhh... our secret" He then flashed her a brilliant smile and turned to grab himself a plate, piling it high with roast and veggies. With one more glance at the girl, he stuffed a roll into his pocket with a wink. See? No shame.

Chuckling to himself, he made his way to the other side of the tent, checking out the drink options. He found a young man there serving and asked him what he was good at making. The man beamed at him as he told him a whole slew of fun-sounding drinks, each one no doubt strong enough to get a draft horse drunk. Which was exactly what Ke'Anu was... so of course he ordered three. "Ohhh Cherry Blossom sounds like it has a nice kick, can't go wrong with Tequilla... I also can't turn down a Bourbini, liquor, and bourbon together aught to hit the spot. Um... toss me a Tequilla Honeysuckle too, a little taste of home." The bartender looked a little surprised that the exuberant man would want so many at one time but seemed thrilled at the chance to show off his skills.

As the drinks were made, Ke'Anu was sure to place all of his "ooo's" and "ahhhs" at just the right times before thanking the man and carefully balancing his drinks around the edge of his plate. He looked around for a place to sit and found himself a table in the corner where the light peaked through the edge of the tent and warmed up a chair for him. He sat, basking in the errant rays of sunshine as he enjoyed his meal and drinks, chewing happily and closing his eyes every time he took a sip. This. Was. The. Life.
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