Legends ofAmarna

The hourglass drips on and on, and over time history fades.

What is truth to a king? A tyrant? A god?

And you? What do you value most?

Once upon a time, the land of Aspasia prospered under the peaceful rule of a grand council. Now it's kingdoms lay shattered, its people divided, and its most ancient civilization forgotten. After a thousand years of struggle and the recent opening of ancient portals, long considered obsolete, the world is changing, and its inhabitants struggling. Each choice, each decision, now more important than ever. And you? Which side will you choose?

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Reserved You Can't Go Home Again

played by ImogenCrusader

Empress of Homeless



Cinders had known it was a risk, but one she had to take, her home was the only one she had and she couldn't just abandon it no matter what. So, after she'd gone into town for supplies she couldn't make on her own, she had opted to leave the bustling city where everyone kept staring at the child on her own and headed home. She had expected so much worse than what she eventually found, cats patrolling around and looking for the dead body that had gotten up and run off while they weren't looking, but when she arrived it was completely and utterly abandoned.

It wasn't much of a home anymore, fields had been salted and everything destroyed, but she couldn't stay in the town obviously and moving her home every night wasn't sustainable either. She needed somewhere secure, and for now at least, this would have to serve. So she went about gathering up the supplies that could be scavenged  and taking stock of her options.

The first order of business, obviously, was to move her parents corpses inside and into their bed, they would need to be buried eventually but right now securing the house was priority. So she tucked them in, using her wolf form to move what her child body could not, and closed the door. Then she went outside, grabbed her fathers tools and some of the wood from the destroyed tool shed, and began working to fashion a new door to replace the one that had been ripped off the hinges of the house.

She was just a child, and no help would come, so she would help herself.

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